A Workshop for Research Software Engineers – 11 September Oxford

FortuneCookieComputerI am very happy to announce that after my initial musings on the role of software developers in research and the follow up position paper there will now be a full blown workshop on the topic! It is driven by the SSI and my involvement is as a steering committee member.

It will be held on 11 September 2013 at the Oxford eResearch Centre. Directly after the Digital Research conference.

You can register now on our Eventbrite site.

Software is a fundamental part of research, and research software engineers are fundamental to good software. Despite this, the role is not well understood in the research community and the missing reward structure in academia often drives them away.

The workshop will bring together people from academia, research labs, and industry to network and discuss:

  • the role of software and its developers in a research environment
  • the importance of quality software for enabling high quality, reproducible research
  • best practices and tools
  • reward structure and career path

More details on the Software Sustainability Institute Event Page.

See you there.