Personal interests

Over the years many activities have held my interest, ranging from SCUBA diving and basketball to salsa dancing and aikido. The line between work and hobby often blurs but, if not working, you will most likely find me in the gym, toying with a pet project, or somewhere in the forest.

Unmanned Systems. Machines that show some degree of autonomy as the move through the world. Particular interest in flying and underwater robots and how they can be applied to problems of humanitarian, conservation, and social relevance.


Outdoors. A desire since childhood to go out into nature and hike, climb, camp, canoe, and simply get away from it all.


Martial Arts After many years of Aikido and trying a few things, I finally settled into a mix of Boxing/K1/Thai. Attracted by the blend of mental depth and physical fitness.


Tango in Atlanta

Dancing. For many years I considered it to be the last thing I would ever be able to do. Though a strange twist of fate showed me otherwise. Mostly traditional Argentinian style Tango, but also some salsa and bachata.