From Drones to Driving

bbcI am very fortunate to have worked in many stimulating environments, on many very different applications, and with some very awesome people. Since about 3 months Im happy to see that trend continue.

I recently joined Oxbotica, a startup out of the Oxford University Mobile Robotics Group (MRG), specialising in mobile autonomy. For various reasons it wasn’t a straightforward decision but so far has panned out well. Within the company we are developing Selenium, a cross vehicle and cross platform autonomy stack that third parties can license in whole or in part. So note this is about building and licensing software. Not cars.

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Marine Litter Mapping

DSC_1110Update: this has now morphed into

A project I have been thinking about and wanting to do for a very long time is to build a fully autonomous litter collecting robot. This driven by the annoyance I always feel when passing a nearby park, littered with Twix wrappers, coke cans, and the like. Challenging? Very much so. Impossible? No. You just have to pick your constraints.

I wish this was the blog post I would explain how I built the robot and how it all works, including snazzy youtube video. However, while I have already started down the path I still have a long (but fun!) way to go. In particular my Orangutans have been keeping me busy and will continue to do so for a while. I have also changed my professional affiliation but that’s a topic for the next post. It does explain though why my interest was piqued when Peter Kohler (GIS expert from SESexplore, and Fishackathon fame) told me about his project to raise awareness around marine litter. And that is the real topic of this post.

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