Team JellySpot wins at the Inventorthon


I have attended quite a few hackathons in the past and been an active organizer of RHoK  events (and more recently NodeCopter events) for some time now. However, while they have always catered well to my computer science/programming side I usually found my science & engineering side left wanting. I have been toying with the idea of organizing something that crosses both fields but would need a partner in crime to put it together. I simply have too much going on already.

I was therefore very happy to see the announcement of the Inventorthon event, run by the Satellite Applications Catapult in Oxford. With challenges ranging from drone scavenger hunts and shipping container tracking, to micro-satellite propulsion systems (by one of the Pocket Spacecraft guys) it seemed refreshing.

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Drones for Humanity and Drone User Group Network UK

rhinoOne liner summary: If you are interested in applying drone/UAV technology (or are already doing so) to humanitarian/social/conservation related problems, and you live in the UK. then get in touch.

I have worked with drones quite extensively in the past, including some work with the BBC, and still do in various ways now. I have to say, though, that I dislike the term drone and much prefer to use the term UAV or UAS. But that’s a different story.

I have also always had an interest in international development, social issues, and education. This has led to me running numerous Random Hacks of Kindness events, giving talks on ICT4D, and volunteering as a STEM Ambassador. I recently organized a NodeCopter event with the local Makerspace and have talked about UAV technology to groups as diverse as 11-13 year olds to The Ladies Luncheon Club where the average age is 65.

Inspired by the recent DroneConference in the US, a coffee with the founder of ShadowView, and the enthusiasm of the UAV guy at Doctors Without Borders, I am now looking to reach out to similar minded people and see if maybe we can set up a Drone User Group chapter here in the UK? Founded in the US by Timothy Reuter, their tagline is: Promoting the Use of Civilian Drone Technology for the Benefit of Humanity. They also recently announced a drone social impact award. I contacted Timothy and he was very supportive of the idea.

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