RHoKSoton did it again

rhok2For the 5th time globally and for the 3rd time in Southampton, 30+ cities came together over the past weekend to work on problems related to humanity and the environment. Even though I had already organized the last two Random Hacks of Kindness events, setting up this one proved much more challenging due to changes in my professional life and a recent family extension.

However, helped by Alejandro of HackaSoton, the the awesome DigiChamps (Olja, Nader) and Dominic from SUSU.tv we still managed to pull it off. Exams still in full swing meant the turnout was lower than expected but, as I always say, the good people were there.

We had a number problem statements from Medecins Sans Frontieres (through Ben Holt), as well as from Konekta (through Mark Herringer), and, of course, Taarifa. Three teams started working but only two made it through the whole weekend. The first was Mindful Music, led by Mark Blackwell, and worked on music therapy for Alzheimers. The second was on Taarifa and they were working remotely from the Hub in London.

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DECODE Mark VI UAV test flight

image11151A bit late after the fact but I have been meaning to do a short post about the latest UAV test flight. A new airframe was developed as part of the European 2Seas 3i project. 2Seas is an EU funded project looking at high reliability UAVs for civil and maritime surveillance.

Its a twin petrol engine aircraft with twin carbon fibre booms, an H-tail and modular payload pod. These pods can be specified to carry a range of cameras and overall endurance can be 12 hours or more. Twin on-board generators maintain the avionics capability for extended duration flights. All up weight is about 20kg.

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RHoKing at Google Zeitgeist

dirk-zeitA few weeks ago I was contacted by somebody from Google who asked if I was interested in running a demo booth at their upcoming Zeitgeist Europe conference in London. This was triggered by my involvement in Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) and the plan was to showcase some of the work that came out of RHoK events.

It being an internal event there is little information about it online. But its invite-only, high profile nature made it a unique opportunity to show the tech elite what can be achieved when applying technology to social, humanitarian, and environmental problems.

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