We RHoKed it!

As those following my Twitter stream will have noticed, the past weekend saw the very first Random Hacks of Kindness event in Southampton. RHoK is a worldwide event that happens twice a year and it was the first time this was ever held in this part of the UK. This time around we were also the only event in the UK.  Since I only got the green light to go ahead from HQ in San Francisco just over two weeks before the actual event there was some madness getting it organized. But, as I predicted, it was awesome.

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#RHoKSoton is going to rock!

In 30 minutes we have the #RHoKSoton pre-RHoK Event social gathering in a nearby pub. Tomorrow morning we will join 30 worldwide locations and 3000+ participants to work on a number of challenging problems for the good of humanity and the environment. This is the first time RHoK is organized in this part of the UK and we are the only event in the UK this round!

Its been a lot of work getting this organized and not everything will be perfect, but all I can say is….


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