A few months ago an email was sent out to all researchers here at the university to solicit volunteers to give lectures/workshops for visiting secondary schools, the TEAtime lectures.  As I always enjoy this kind of outreach I volunteered, went through some info sessions and did my lecture yesterday.  Basically I gave an overview of UAV technology and did a simplified walk through of the aircraft design process.  It was a bit ironic though, a computer scientist explaining airflow and aerodynamics :).  No slides on slideshare as they’re too big to upload and Im to cheap to pay for PRO :).

I didn’t really get any feedback but I felt things went well and the kids seemed interested. Im always surprised though at how much the 3D printing thing really gets people excited and its always the part of the talk that has the most impact and generates the most questions at the end.   Especially if I bring along SULSA, which I typically do.  I always find it a bit surprising as the technology is not that new and its just a logical step forward no? It is gathering a lot of steam though, with an interesting future ahead.

On the whole though I have to say I was really impressed with the kids, it seemed to be a very good collection of schools.  I enjoyed the whole experience and hereby also want to say thank you to those who organized it (incidentally the same team that did SMuRF)! Every lecture is video’ed so I should see myself appear online sometime soon.  Maybe then finally my parents will understand what it is I do 🙂  Next stop “Ask a Scientist”.



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