Imperial College Robotics Society Talk

I meant to post this some time ago but craziness at work and an overdose of family during the festive period intervened.

Anyway, mid December I did a talk of our UAV work at the Imperial College Robotics society.  I had met Harry Eakins, founder and current president, at the last pyconuk conference in Coventry & he invited me to give a similar talk at Imperial.

As usual, the slides are available on slideshare:

“Click here” to build your UAV

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In all I found it a great experience.  I tried to give a broad overview of the UAV related activity at the university as well as focus more on our research around DECODE.  Got a good audience with some great discussion during the reception afterwards.

On arrival I got a tour of their hackerspace and it was great seeing people hacking and soldering away on various projects, ranging from quadcopters to a robotic dustbin.  Thinking back to my university days I always regret not having gotten involved more in such things or set them up if they did not exist.  There are so many cool things you could do and the technology & kit is very accessible.  These days my tinker time is very limited but Im optimistic in that will change 🙂