Ansys 13 on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit

I have an Ansys workbench script that:

  • generates geometry
  • performs meshing
  • runs fluent (CFD)

To get this to work on Ubuntu (not an officially supported distro) I had to:

  • Manually enter the glibc version instead of the rpm command used in the script /usr/local/ansys_inc/v130/aisol/mw/setup-mwuser (just search for rpm).  This fixes: /usr/local/ansys_inc/v130/aisol/mw/setup-mwuser: 149: rpm: not found
  • However, this still leaves the following error: ServiceMain failed with 1702 (000006a6) The binding handle is invalid.
  • This is solved by editing /etc/hosts and commenting out the following two lines (lines 3 and 4 in my file):

::1 UOS-200630 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 uos-200630

  • This then leaves the following errors related to the proprietary nvidia driver

Unable to resolve function glXQueryExtension

Unable to resolve function glXMakeCurrent

  • This is fixed by adding /ansys_inc/v130/Framework/bin/Mesa to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and running runwb2 with the -oglmesa commandline argument
Hope this is useful for somebody.