Going to Interactivism




My idea was selected and I will be attending the Interactivsm event in London this weekend!

Google and FutureGov have launched a rapid fire call for ideas to make the web accessible for older generations. The top ideas will take part in a two day open source hack weekend in June which will bring together the best student developers, Googlers, designers and other social innovators to hack a better web that overcomes the barriers that stand in the way of older people accessing the web.



1 thought on “Going to Interactivism

  1. I was one of the ‘oldies’ working alongside Dirk. He was a great guy to work alongside. He listened to what we had to say and took our ideas on board. He did not patronise and was patient with those of us less computer savvy than himself. I look forward to his idea being realised and on-line very soon.
    Elizabeth Capewell, aged 64years & 5mths

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